We are a family-owned, BSIS-licensed, and insured private security company, locally based in the heart of Kern County, here in Bakersfield, California. Rest assured, the future is bright with Golden Empire Security, Inc.


We are a family owned, BSIS-licensed and insured private security company, locally based in the heart of Kern County, here in Bakersfield, California. Rest assured, the future is bright with Golden Empire Security, Inc.


We offer an array of services, from standing guards to vehicle patrol, to safeguard your business, property, and personnel.


Our services are provided licensed and insured giving added protection and absorption of liability an added value that sets us apart from other Security companies.

Disruption Prevention

Non-customers loitering in front of your establishment may create an intimidating environment, deterring potential clients and tarnishing your business image. Golden Empire Security has the solution for you!

Our Company Promise

Golden Empire Security has your back. Today more than ever, it has become a necessity for business owners to have a dedicated security team to protect their investments and make certain that the safety of their employees and clients are a priority. Contracting the services of our company ensures a uniformed and knowledgeable security professional onsite protecting your interests. By actively detecting and deterring potential threats, a trained officer can keep otherwise costly situations from escalating and demanding your time and money to resolve. Our 24-7 support staff is available to direct and respond to any event or request. We offer a range of experienced professionals and the business credentials to take care of our clients’ ever-changing needs.

Patrol Security

Golden Empire Security provides around-the-clock patrol services. We dispatch our mobile patrol vehicles with experienced guards to routinely monitor and survey your facility and grounds.

Event Security

Golden Empire Security understands the importance of being a presence without being a distraction. Our experienced event staff offer hands-on collaboration and coordination with venue management for your event from start to finish.

Commercial Security

Golden Empire Security service areas are home to vital agriculture, oil, energy, and other industries. We are expertly qualified to handle the inherent requirements of quality control to ensure the safety of your company’s business and personal assets.


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About us

Golden Empire Security, Inc. is managed by Director of Operations, Thomas J. Marquez. Thomas has been in the security industry since 2009, operated Empire Event Services since 2013, and owned the company outright since 2017. He has extensive experience working in the security industry providing private and commercial security services, all while continuing his education in Business Administration and Accounting.
His wife, partner, and Director of Administration, Alixandria Marquez, has considerable experience in the event and security industry, managing corporate security teams across multiple sites throughout Central California and working with several event coordinators and designers here in Bakersfield.

With the acquisition of Delano-based Leyva’s Private Security in 2021, Golden Empire Security, Inc. was born. With over 50 years combined experience in the security industry, the Empire serves across the city of Bakersfield.
Golden Empire Security employees pride themselves on the rapport they develop within local communities, and it is this foundation that allows Golden Empire Security to better serve its corporate and private clients. These strengths, values and dedication, are the core of what makes Golden Empire Security continue to grow, thrive, and protect.



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